Festival of female vocalists

Workshops and seminars

LA is a fictional festival of female vocalists. It combines open air shows, workshops, expositions, seminars, conferences and other activities.

The identity includes: brand design, posters and street posters, program schedule, flyers, staff cards, concert tickets, TV commercial and several pieces.

The challenge started thinking the name of the festival which came from the spanish feminine definite article "la" which also means the musical note.

Some inspiring words were: youth, freshness, dynamism and sensitivity.

Besides femininity, the concept of the festival was to seek closeness with the artists, ignoring the gap between artist and spectator. The singer's voice was thought as part of the singers, the voice as an extension of themselves.

Having the concept clear, we developed graphic resources that shows the spirit of the festival as something friendly and fresh. With a soft palette, analog photographs and female objects as a teapot, flowers, rollers etc. Most of typography was hand-made, to show sensitivity and informality.